Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Baby Is One!

Today my little Ashie turned one. I still can't believe it's been a year already, where did the time go?!? It has been such a busy, fun and happy year with Ashton in our lives. He has been walking now since first part of May and digging through about every drawer in my house. He has been really trying to repeat a lot of the words we say: bubbles, love you, ouch, no, wow, baby. He has also been picking up on a lot of sign language like: bath, milk, eat, drink and more. His favorite foods are: grilled cheese and quesidllas. He loves to watch Baby Einstein 24/7 and have his "Bubbles" book read to him. He is such a funny little guy, who makes us smile and laugh everyday! Happy Birthday Ashton! We love you and couldn't imagine life without you in it!--Love, Mom

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Funny Things

On the way to school one morning, I was listening to Carter and Averie's conversation. Most of the time, they don't realize I am listening, so they are usually pretty funny! Anyway, they were talking about what they were going to be when they grow up. Carter said he was going to be Spiderman and Averie said she would probably be a mermaid. Right after the words came out of her mouth, Carter was quick to say, "Averie, MERMAIDS are NOT real!". I suppose Spiderman is in his little world!

At preschool this year Averie has been learning and memorizing all of the nursery rhymes. She has been doing really well with them and loves to hear herself say them. But I had to laugh when I heard her saying her version of "Little Miss Muffet" :
"Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet EATING her CURVES away". Wouldn't it be great if that's all you had to do for those curves!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I just have to say that Carter cracks me up! He has always said the funniest things, even when he was so little. Well, since the recent news of the scary "Swin Flu" outbreak, Carter has overheard me talking a little too much I think! This last Saturday we were able to attend our cousin Keaton's baptism. When we were going to the dinner afterward Carter spoke up and said sniffing "Mom, I think I have the SLIME flu!" I didn't even know he knew anything about it. After the dinner Keaton's sister was passing out little handouts that said "It's Great To Be 8!". I watched Carter read his and then he walked over to Keaton and said "So Keaton is it really GREAT to be eight?!" He was very serious and really just wanted to find out. He really enjoyed being at Keaton's baptism to find out what it was all about. Carter and Keaton are good little buddies! Tonight we were cleaning up from dinner and as usual the house was pretty loud. All of a sudden Carter said "Hey everyone could we just be a little bit more quiet, my BRAIN is trying to tell me a story!" Wow! Who would have thought that one up!? Carter always makes life funny! What would we do without him and his little sayings!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Grass is GROSS!!!

I had to post this picture of Ashton being grossed out by grass at Lori's house. It was so funny to see him try to keep his feet and legs from touching it and to see the look on his face. He even dropped his binky once and didn't think it was worth picking up.What a funny boy!

Ashton is 10 Months Old!

I can't believe my little Ashie boy is already 10 months old! Where did the time go?! He has been a good baby and has the funniest personality. Ashton at 10 months is BUSY! Some of the things he loves are: his blue blanket, his binky, his snack foods, to crawl 100 mph, dumping the toy basket out, jumping in the jumperoo, patty cake, playing peek a boo, talking about things that go around and around, watching baby enstein. He has been trying to say things like: grandpa, cracker, mama, da da, and wow. He just got his sixth little tooth a couple of weeks ago.His new thing is to shake his bootie, it's so funny! We love him so much, he keeps us on our toes and laughing!
The last day we were at my sister's we went to the children's museum downtown. The kids loved it! It had so many fun things for the kids. There was a noodle forest, a store where you could be the shopper or the checker, a pizza kitchen, a "ball" room, a place to race little cars, a bicycle wash, an art studio and tons of places to play. Ashton even had fun driving through the little bike wash. He made a motor sound with his mouth and it lasted through the whole wash, it was so funny! The kids are already saying " Can we go back again!".

Children's Museum

More Anthem Park

Anthem Park

We love going to the Anthem Park when we visit Lori. It is the best park, it has a little train, duck ponds, a splash pad, tons of huge slides and sand boxes filled with dinosaur bones. The kids never want to leave,they have so much fun!

Swimming Pics

Easter Egg Hunt

For Easter and Spring Break we decided to take one last trip to Arizona. My sister Lori's husband,will be finishing up Pharmacy school in June and moving back to Utah. So we thought we better go down one last time to enjoy some warm weather, especially since in Utah we don't know what that feels like! We spent the week going swimming, shopping (Yay for Mom!!), going to fun parks and visiting the local children's museum. I think everyone knew we were from Utah when we were the only ones swimming in 65 degree weather! We had a blast spending time with Lori and her family, we will be so glad when they are closer to us! Thanks for the fun vacation guys, it was great time had by all!

Happy Easter!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Averie has been looking forward to her Aunt Maycee's Junior Prom. Where I am from, the Junior Prom is a huge town affair. A lot of people think it is kind off a strange thing, but it is actually really fun to have a reason to get all dressed up. Averie my little princess couldn't wait for the "Ball" to take place. When my sister asked her if she was going to come she said "Maycee I can't I don't have a gown!". I decided your only young once so why not make a big deal of it. She got to choose her dress out, wear some of my jewelry, a little makeup, and I got her a little corsage. She was excited for about two months and that is all she could talk about. When the night finally arrived, Aunt Lori gave her the royal treatment, with hair fit for a real princess. She made everyone close their eyes for the BIG reveal. I hope it will be something that she will always remember, because she felt really beautiful. I only wish we could all live in the same fairytale world that she does.